Our Mission

Thank You For Everything Everyday Inc.(TY4EE)  is a 501(c)3 Public Charity dedicated to thanking first responders for everything they do everyday.

How is Our Mission Fulfilled?

To do this, we are seeking corporate sponsors for small thank you items that can be provided by local or national restaurants.  We hope to receive donations for gift certificates for small items on your menu, whether it be for a drink, dessert, sandwich or side item.  These will be special gift certificates, that will only be available for use by first responders, not the public at large.

These gift cards will then be sold to members of the public, through our website, and through organized events, such as races for runners and walkers (5K, marathons, and triathlons) for about ½ the retail product cost.  Once an individual has purchased a gift card, they can then give it to any first responder.

The net funds raised from the sale of the gift cards will be donated to other 501{c)3 organizations that provide direct support to first responders or their families.  The organization that receives the donation will come recommended by the first responders themselves.

Corporate Donors

TY4EE is proud to announce we have our first Corporate Donor.  As of December 6, 2016, Square Donuts (http://www.squaredonuts.com) has authorized TY4EE to create and sell 50 Gift Certificates.  Each Certificate is good for 1 Donut, at any of the 3 Indianapolis Area locations (Indianapolis, Carmel and Fishers).



The Square Donuts ‘Thank You’ cards represent a $1.00 value at the store, and are for sale by TY4EE for $0.50

How to Make Corporate Donations of Gift Cards

Corporate Donors can contact officers of TY4EE to arrange for any donation of the special gift certificates .

Greg Paton, President


Thank You For Everything Everyday Inc.

211 Earl Park Way

Westfield IN  46074

My Company Already Provides Free Product to First Responders

While working on the initial list of Corporate donors, I did receive the comment that ‘We already provide free products to First Responders when they come to our establishment’.

First, I would like to say Thank You for doing that, I am very glad that you do that.

Second, I would still like to have you come on board with TY4EE, because not only are you helping the First Responder that comes in the door, but since a member of the public has purchased the ‘Thank You’ card, another charity support First Responders will also be getting a cash donation.  Also, the First Responder receiving the card will also be getting a personal Thank You from the individual presenting it to them.  The product you already provide to First Responders now results in a cash donation to another Charity, and a personal Thank You for the officer receiving it, all at no extra expense or effort on your part.

How to Purchase the Gift Cards

Currently, we only distribute the cards at race events, or by contacting Greg Paton directly.  Once we have enough volume to justify the expense of allowing online orders, we will make them available online.

For now, please call

Greg Paton, President



Once we have spoken, and I make sure we have the number of cards you wish to have, then you will need to mail a check to our office listed below.  If you want me to mail the certificates back, either include a prepaid envelope, or add the price of postage to your order.  If you wish to pick them up at the next race I am at, then I will hold your certificates for you until then so you can pay for them there.


Thank You For Everything Everyday Inc.

211 Earl Park Way

Westfield IN  46074

If you wish to purchase them, but have us distribute them for you, you can mail a check to the above address, and we will let you know via phone when the order is received, and where they are being distributed.  Again, before sending any payment for certificates, please contact us by phone to ensure we have the quantity you are looking to purchase set aside.

Can I Make A Cash Donation

Yes, TY4EE will always accept cash donations.  We will use the donations to purchase a selection of our ‘Thank You’ cards, and we will then distribute the cards for you.  Of course the actual cash collected from you will, as with any of our normal purchases, will go used as described above, to support other 501(c)3 Charities that provide direct support for First Responders.

Your contribution will help in 2 ways.  It will provide the individual First Responders with the ‘Thank You’ card, and it will also go to other First Responders through the other charities.

Our Web Site is Ugly!!!

I know our current website is ugly.  We are in the process of developing a proper website, but wanted to get the basics of our message out.